We’re excited to announce two new ATEX smartphones which have been added to our range of devices available for hazardous areas.

The first devices is the IS330.1 ATEX Zone 1 featurephone has a full physical keypad as well as Android 9 operating system. This device enables users to communicate in hazardous areas and helps further protect them with MCPTT (Mission Critical Push to Talk), making it ideal for use as a radio on 4G/LTE networks. The MCPTT functionality is a prerequisite for the use of the device in emergency services such as the police or fire rescue due to the need for secure, highly reliable connections. Find out more about the IS330.1 here!

The second device is the IS655.2 which is a Zone 2 smartphone. Weighing only 203g, it is approximately half the weight of it’s closest competitors with all the power of any leading smartphone. With Dual Nano-SIM, the IS655.2 also enables the user to have two different SIM-cards in the device at any one time. Find out more about the IS655.2 here!

Looking to update your on-site technology? Call Exloc today and ask us about our wide range of ATEX and Intrinsically Safe Smartphones and Tablets!

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