ATEX Lighting

ATEX Lighting

ATEX certified lighting products are required in hazardous areas to ensure safety from potential explosions or fires caused by electrical equipment or devices. These hazardous areas are typically found in industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and mining, where there are flammable gases, liquids, or dust present. The ATEX certification ensures that the lighting products meet specific safety requirements, including protection against ignition sources, such as sparks or excessive heat. The use of ATEX certified lighting products reduces the risk of explosions and fires, ensuring the safety of workers and the environment.

Our range of lighting includes both ATEX torches and ATEX portable lighting products. ATEX torches are designed to eliminate these risks by incorporating features such as specialised housings, non-sparking materials, and intrinsically safe circuits. They also use specially designed batteries that are less likely to generate sparks or heat.

We also have a range of ATEX certified floodlights, tasklights and handlamps available in different sizes and designs. They are used to provide lighting in hazardous areas, allowing workers to perform tasks such as maintenance, inspection, and repair work safely. The use of ATEX certified floodlights is essential for ensuring the safety of workers and preventing potential accidents in hazardous environments.

Exloc offers ATEX-certified lighting products for use in Zone 1 / 21 and Zone 2 /22 potentially explosive atmospheres, both onshore and offshore. Exloc Instruments UK is committed to delivering high-quality lighting solutions that meet the requirements of the ATEX Directive, ensuring that our customers can rely on lighting products to provide reliable and safe operation in hazardous environments.

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