Intrinsically Safe, SIL rated, Universal mounting Galvanic Isolators

New Intrinsically Safe Repeater D5212Q from Exloc

Exloc Instruments are proud to be able to introduce the D5212Q intrinsically safe repeater created by GM International to enable simple and cost effective means of implementing intrinsic safety into hazardous area applications. A great choice for those applications...

Android, Windows or iOS?

The range of devices avaliable to any hazardous area workers is growing by the day as the induistry pushes forward towards a wider range of devices. With a wider selection avaliable it is important that the individual user is able to choose which operating system they...

The Exloc Awards 2018

Exloc are proud to introduce the Exloc Awards for 2018 where we highlight some of our key suppliers for 2018 and celebrate what they have achieved over the past year.Product Innovation of the YearThis years award for the most innovative product goes to the iSafe...
Aegex10 Zone 1 Tablet

Product in Focus: Aegex 10 Tablet

The Aegex 10 intrinsically safe tablet is one of the leading devices in its space. The device has enabled many companies around the UK and the World to completely change the way they communicate while on site and enable new levels of efficiency while carrying out...

How Software Works on the HMT-1Z1 Head Mounted Tablet

With the announcement and release of the HMT-1Z1 ATEX Zone 1 certified head mounted tablet, the first question is “how will ‘x’ software work on a head mounted device?”. This is a good question as the HMT-1Z1 is a device which has few parallels in the consumer market...




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