Zone 1 PCs

HMI Elements 19″ / 15″  PCs for the Oil & Gas Industry

Stahl  12″ / 15″ / 22″ PC for the Pharma / Chemical / Distillery Industry

ATEX Zone 1 Certified PCs


Welcome to the world of ATEX Zone 1 PCs, where safety meets technology seamlessly.

ATEX Zone 1 PCs play a crucial role in hazardous environments where traditional computers are unsafe to operate. These specially designed PCs are engineered to mitigate the risks associated with potential explosions. ATEX Zone 1 PCs boast several key features that ensure safe and reliable operation in hazardous environments. These features may include robust enclosures, temperature controls, and explosion-proof components.

ATEX Zone 1 PCs find application across a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. They are used in control rooms, drilling rigs, production facilities, and other hazardous areas.

Choosing the right ATEX Zone 1 PC requires careful consideration of factors such as environmental conditions, performance requirements, and compliance with regulatory standards.

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