ATEX Smartphones

Intrinsically Safe & ATEX Smartphones

ATEX smartphones are mobile devices designed to operate in potentially explosive environments, such as oil and gas rigs, chemical plants, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. They are built to comply with the ATEX directive, which sets the safety standards for equipment used in hazardous areas.

ATEX  Zone 1 / 21 & Zone 2 / 22 smartphones feature rugged housing, advanced connectivity, and powerful performance. They are equipped with robust processors, high-capacity batteries, and advanced sensors that enable them to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration. They also come with advanced communication features such as 5G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, allowing workers to stay connected and communicate in real-time.

In addition, ATEX smartphones offer a range of safety features, including gas detection sensors, emergency alarms, and man-down sensors, which are crucial in hazardous environments. They also come with certifications from regulatory bodies such as ATEX & IECEx ensuring that they meet the highest safety standards.

If you work in an industry where safety is paramount, then contact Exloc to discuss the ideal intrinsically safe smartphone for your needs. It will allow you to stay connected, communicate, and work efficiently without compromising your safety.

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