Aircom End Node

  • ATEX Zone 0
  • Secure Long-Range Data Transmission
  • Send Up to 10 Miles
  • Low Power
  • Flexible & Expansive
IS-TCA Thermal Imaging Camera

Aircom LoRaWAN Gateway

  • 4G Cellular
  • LoRaWAN Connectivity
  • Flexible Connectivity Options
  • Easy Deployment
  • Long Range (10+ Miles)


Aircom presents a comprehensive suite of IIoT solutions, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure for effortless monitoring, control, and optimization of operations. Their offerings encompass robust hardware and user-friendly software platforms, constituting a complete and cohesive package. Aircom End To End Solutions serve as the foundation of our intricate framework, leveraging the remarkable LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) protocol. This state-of-the-art protocol incorporates military-grade AES-128 encryption, guaranteeing the utmost security for your invaluable data.

LoRaWAN technology allows for data transmission across the unlicensed spectrum, eliminating any associated costs from the end node to the gateway. With its far-reaching capabilities, Aircom offers unparalleled reach, reliability, security, and scalability, facilitating seamless data exchange throughout your network. By employing the Aircom end nodes, equipped with LoRaWAN connectivity, wired field sensors can instantaneously share data, providing near real-time insights. This data is then directed to the server via the gateway, ensuring prompt delivery and analysis.

Designed to withstand demanding environments, their end nodes are both robust and intrinsically safe, certified for Zone 0 and Class 1 Div 1 hazardous locations as a standard feature. This allows for their installation in explosive surroundings without compromise. Additionally, these end nodes are compatible with a diverse array of instruments, empowering you to monitor analog, digital, and serial communications inputs encompassing a broad range of parameters. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Flow and volume
  • Temperature and pressure
  • Events and digital alarms
  • Oxygen levels
  • Environmental factors
  • Gas quality
  • Cathodic protection
  • Electrical metering

The Aircom portal possesses the capability to effortlessly connect with numerous end nodes, providing a robust and economically efficient means of transmitting data. Flexible connectivity options, such as 4G or ethernet, enable seamless data transfer to the server or end destinations like SCADA and DCS. Leveraging their exclusive topographical software tool, you can identify and optimize the strategic placement of gateways based on the distinctive geographical characteristics of the deployment area.

The Aircom LoRaWAN server takes charge of data security and processing, guaranteeing data integrity and meticulous control throughout the entire process, granting you unprecedented access to invaluable insights. Whether the server runs locally on the gateway or in the cloud, it effectively accommodates your specific requirements. Data can be seamlessly transmitted to the cloud server via 4G or Ethernet, allowing smooth integration with SCADA or DCS via MQTT. In the case of local operation, Modbus TCP or RTU can be employed based on your setup and specific needs.

Aircom’s tailored solutions combine cutting-edge technology and unwavering focus on safety to deliver innovation, efficiency, and reliability. Discover the future of Industrial IoT with Aircom, where real-time data insights drive transformative outcomes.

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