Software Solutions

Waizu Device Finder


  • Device Finder offers real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities for devices
  • It helps in locating misplaced or lost devices
  • Device Finder contributes to improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime
  • An MDM system which solves the problem of missing devices

Motorola Wave PTX

  • Communication solution to link smartphones with radio systems
  • Wide variety of devices supported
  • Location tracking supported
  • Ideal for hazardous area response teams & mission critical communication

SOS-Mobile App

  • Easy to use Lone Worker app for intrinsically safe devices
  • Quick to set-up
  • Increases the security of lone workers
  • 30 day demo avaliable

Surelock Kiosk Lockdown

  • Lock down Android devices and restrict access to selected applications.
  • Display widgets on home screen
  • Display application shortcuts
  • Block users from altering system settings
  • Set passwords for chosen applications
  • Auto-launch applications at startup

Barcode Reading

  • mobXscan
  • Read barcodes on any Android or Windows devices
  • Instantly decodes barcodes using camera
  • Triggered by pressing scan or assigning to hot key

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