Motorola Wave PTX

Complete Communication Solution

Motorola Wave PTX

Motorola Solutions‘ WAVE PTX broadband PTT service offer a professional communication solution for industrial use.

Push-To-Talk (PTT) is no longer only for two-way radios. Group communication can now include those who
rely on smartphones and broadband devices as well as two-way radios. WAVE PTX is a network independent
multimedia communication subscription service that instantly connects your team at the push of a button.

The combination of high quality, explosion-proof smartphones and tablets from MOBILE and the Motorola Solutions‘ WAVE PTX communication software provides companies, especially in the oil and gas sector, safe and interference-free PTT communication. Together, we make it possible for customers to gradually switch their PTT communication from 2-way radios to POC smartphones. In the transition phase, hybrid use is possible, i.e. communication between both types of communication via a special gateway.

Voice - WAVE PTX

Location Tracking

How Radio Over IP Interoperability Works

  • User A speaks into a Companion Radio, which transmits to Donor Radio.
  • Donor Radio extracts audio and provides to Vocality RolP Gateway (Port lights red).
  • Vocality RolP gateway converts the audio to IP packets, sends to WAVE PTX via network infrastructure.
  • WAVE PTX routes the IP packets to the appropriate talkgroups.
  • LTE Network routes the audio packets to Smartphone.
  • Smartphone plays the audio to User B.

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