With nearly 30 years of expertise in acoustic knowledge exploration and application, CRYSOUND continues to provide exceptional acoustic services to tackle even the most complex testing challenges worldwide.

Their unwavering commitment lies in simplifying acoustic measurements like never before. Their cutting-edge technology is widely utilized for electroacoustic testing in consumer electronics, environmental noise monitoring, automotive component defect detection, and industrial predictive maintenance. Moreover, their revolutionary acoustic imaging technology has greatly contributed to energy-efficient production and intelligent upgrades in factories, aligning with global decarbonization strategies, while also addressing production safety concerns and liberating patrol inspectors from arduous tasks.

Thanks to our extensive collaboration with clients, CRYSOUND’s products have reached over 50 countries, serving renowned domestic and international brands such as Beats, Samsung, Harman, SONY, State Grid of China, SINOPEC, Honda, Nestle, and many more.

Their goal is to establish CRYSOUND as the world’s most influential brand in the field of acoustics by empowering all industries with our cutting-edge acoustic test solutions.

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