Marine Grounding System


Marine Grounding System

In the process of transferring petroleum products and inflammable liquids to and from oil and chemical tankers, there exists a potential risk of creating a hazardous environment. This risk arises due to the variance in potential between the tanker and the pier, often attributed to galvanic processes. Consequently, the connection points of loading hoses, loading arms, and other conductive equipment can generate sparks, which may lead to ignition within the surrounding atmosphere.

To mitigate the potential hazards associated with stored energy in inductances, it is imperative to prioritize the implementation of a robust equipotential bonding system. As an additional safety measure, the SEK-3 solution ensures secure potential equalization between the ship and the shore, conforming to globally recognized industrial standards such as ISGOTT / ISGINTT, thereby achieving the highest level of safety.


Key Features

  • Effective low-ohmic bonding line, especially for maritime application
  • Opening of the housing during operation in hazardous areas is allowed
  • 2 clearly visibly LEDs at the device front
  • Easy check of a proper grounding connection due to status LEDs at the grounding clamp
  • Usage under extreme environmental conditions (sturdy stainless steel housing with IP 65) and wide temperature range (-40 °C to +60 °C)
  • Timm Technology have over 30 years of experience with Marine Grounding Systems

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