Rino Solutions Ltd. is an ISO9001:2015 registered company located in North Yorkshire, England.

The company prides itself on delivering creative solutions to client challenges in an efficient and timely manner. They achieve this by focusing on what they do best and avoiding areas that might dilute their quality of service.

Rino Solutions Ltd. operates on a referral basis only. This ensures they can maintain a focus on client needs and avoid the pressure of hourly billing. Potential clients are encouraged to discuss their challenges with a referrer who can provide a referral number to be used when contacting Rino Solutions Ltd.

The company carefully evaluates each project to ensure it aligns with their skillset. They are transparent in their approach and will not hesitate to decline a project if it is not a good fit. Their goal is to avoid “learning on the job” at the client’s expense.

When they do accept a project, they offer a fixed price for a unique solution. They leverage a network of experts to ensure the best possible outcome and keep clients informed throughout the development process. This ensures clients understand the development risks from the outset.

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