e2S (European Safety Systems)


Exloc Instruments offer the range of e2S hazardous area sounder and beacons which exist in both EXi and Exd options. We are also able to offer Intrinsically safe Interfaces compatible to the Exi sounder / beacons from the e2S range

E2S is the world’s leading independent manufacturer of high performance audible and visual signals for commercial, industrial, marine, onshore and offshore hazardous locations. Combining the latest technology with engineering expertise we have created the most extensive range of life saving signals that satisfy the toughest global standards.

NEW: Introducing SIL 2 certified audible and visual warning signals – Contact us for details

Safety Integrity Level, SIL, is a measure of safety system performance expressed in terms of probability of failure on demand (PFD). In the oil and gas industry, particularly in the fire and gas detection systems where safety integrity is critical, SIL 2 is becoming a common standard across systems. To meet the growing demand in the oil & gas industry, E2S Warning Signals, the leading independent audible and visible warning device manufacturer, has recently added additional fault monitoring to give SIL 2 compatibility to its products.


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