Solexy Wireless

SOLEXY specialises in devices and patented technology for radio and buss transmissions in hazardous classified areas such as refineries, chemical plants, mines, off shore rigs and other hazardous rated areas.

Our flameproof intrinsically safe barriers for radios and busses allowed transmission of RF signals into classified “Hazardous Areas”.

Expanding on the need of this technology in industrial environments, we developed a line of industrial antennas that meet the demanding requirements and hostility of the process environment.
Expanding our patented technology and realising the demand to protect other signals, we developed a solution for Ethernet.
It is now possible to transmit Ethernet signals from explosion proof enclosures or purge panel systems into a hazardous area with the use of our Passive Ethernet barrier, without the cost of additional sealing devices, area rated conduit systems, or additional power.

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