I.S. Multiplexor – D2000


The D2000M Multiplexor System allows the acquiring of multiple Analogue and/or Digital signals from sensors in Hazardous Area to a Gateway in Safe Area.

The Gateway D2050M communicates with PC/PLC/DCS via RS232 or Modbus redundant lines with a documented protocol, allowing maximum interoperability.

    Key Features

    • ATEX certification BVS 06 ATEX 101 X (download):
      Gateway: II (1)G [EEx ia] IIC
      Field units: II (1)2G EEx ia IIC T4
    • High density, up to 256 Analog Inputs (TC,RTD,mV from D2010M) and up to 128 Digital Inputs (contact / proximity from D2030M) in the same system (expandable up to 7936 inputs by cascading multiple Gateways via Modbus)
    • Inputs from Zone 0, 1, 2
    • Input sensors: 2-3-4 wire RTD, Pt100, Pt50, Ni100, Cu100, Cu53, Cu50, Cu46, Thermocouples A1, A2, A3, B, E, J, K, L, Lr, N, R, S, T, U.
    • Robust Isolation (+- 200V channel to channel), provides high immunity against interference and ground loops
    • Intrinsically Safe for installation in Zone 1, 2
    • Field Units can be placed up to 5 km from Gateway
    • High Accuracy 18bit A/D converter
    • Redundant communication/powering lines
    • Programmable via PC (RS232) and Modbus (RS485)
    • Repeats input contact via Relays (D2052M) or Transistor Outputs (D2053M)
    • Reduces field wiring and installation costs
    • Eliminates the need of PLC – DCS I/O cards
    • Field Unit operating temperature: -40 to +60°C
    • Gateway D2050M can be installed in Zone 1 / Div. 1 by using an explosion proof enclosure
    • AISI 316 stainless steel enclosures are available for field units (Series GM2300)


    System configuration examples (layouts)


    Intrinsically Safe Analogue – Temperature Multiplexer Slave Unit (16 inputs)

    D2010M Multiplexor




    click here for details


    Intrinsically Safe Analogue – Temperature Multiplexer Expander for D2010M

    D2011M Multiplexor Expansion Unit




    click here for details


    Intrinsically Safe Digital Multiplexer Slave Unit (32 inputs)

    D2030M 32 Channel Multiplexor




    click here for details


    Gateway – Power Supply Unit for Multiplexer D2000M Series

    D2050M Multiplexor Gateway Unit




    click here for details


    Multiplexer Contact-Proximity Relay Output Repeater





    click here for details


    Multiplexer Contact-Proximity O.C Transistor Output Repeater





    click here for details


    GM2300 Series field mounting enclosures are manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel 316 sheet to provide high levels of corrosion resistance to process environments.

    GM2300 Multiplexor Enclosure






    click here for details



    SWC2090 Configuration Software for D2000M Multiplexer system

      Configure D2000M Multiplexer System with this easy to use application.


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