R. Stahl Group

For over eight decades, R. STAHL has been a major force in explosion protection, contributing significantly to the industry’s history for a total of 130 years. Their commitment goes beyond simply meeting safety standards; they actively push boundaries to set new benchmarks in the field.

The R. STAHL brand is synonymous with the highest quality and the most demanding solutions. Their core principle is clear: your safety is their top priority.

R. STAHL boasts a vast and ever-evolving product portfolio, constantly reviewed and expanded to meet industry needs. Their offerings encompass four key areas: Switchgear, Automation, Lighting, and System Solutions. Located in Birmingham, UK, they have a state-of-the-art on-site assembly and testing facility, allowing them to build and customize products to meet specific client requirements.

While their headquarters reside in Waldenburg, Germany, R. STAHL operates as a subsidiary focused solely on the UK market.

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