Stahl Series 9851/5

ATEX Zone 2 Wi-Fi Access Point

Stahl Series 9851/5

The 9851 wireless enclosure system facilitates the utilization of standard wireless devices, such as WiFi access points, gateways with mobile communications, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, or RFID readers, in Zone 2 without the need for approval for operation in hazardous areas. In contrast to solutions relying on metal Ex d enclosures, this system achieves a weight reduction of up to 70%. Mounting efforts are significantly decreased. Constructed from glass fiber-reinforced plastic, the enclosure allows for the emission of radio signals, eliminating the necessity for external antennas. Connection is established through a separate connection chamber, eliminating the need for access to the Ex nR enclosure and minimizing maintenance requirements.


Key Features

  • Use of standard wireless devices in Zone 2
  • Use of devices with internal antennas possible
  • Simplified installation and maintenance thanks to separate connection chamber
  • There is no need to regularly check the leak-tightness of the Ex nR enclosure section
  • Low weight


ATEX Certification

TÜV 20 ATEX 8506 X

II 3 G Ex ec nR IIC T6…T4 Gc

IECEx Certification

IECEx TUR 20.0042X

Ex ec nR IIC T6…T4 Gc

Technical Data
Explosion Protection
IECEx gas explosion protection Ex ec nR IIC T6…T4 Gc
ATEX gas explosion protection E II 3 G Ex ec nR IIC T6…T4 Gc
Declaration of conformity ATEX (eUk)
Electrical Data
Frequency band Depends on installed device
Grid-bound interface Depends on installed device
Auxiliary power PoE yes
Max. emitted power For IIc: 2 W, For IIB: 3.5 W, For IIA: 6 W
Ambient Conditions
Ambient temperature -40 °C … +70 °C, Depends on installed device
Storage temperature -40 °C … +70 °C, Depending on the built-in device
Maximum relative humidity 5% to 95%
Use at the height of ≤ 2000 m
Mechanical Data
Degree of protection (IP) IP66
Min. dimensions 341 x 341 x 161 mm
Max. dimensions 853 x 341 x 241 mm
Dimensions note Depends on installed device
Dimensions note 2 Incl. connection chamber, without cable glands
Mounting / Installation
Mounting type Wall and ceiling mounting

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