EKX-4 Ground Monitoring Device


EKX-4 Ground Monitoring Device

The Timm Grounding Control Devices ensure static electricity that could build up on a Road Tanker during filling or unloading is discharged safely to earth, thus avoiding a potential spark risk.

The system will only give the Green Light and release the interlock to pumps etc when the grounding clamp is correctly fitted to the road tanker and will not operate if it is attached to other metal objects such as a tool or the gantry. If the Earth / Ground connection is interrupted, the filling or unloading process will stop immediately.

The Timm device enclosure is purpose-designed for the system and a heavy Exd or Explosionproof box is not required, thus simplifying installation and on-going maintenance.


Available Options

EKX-4 Ground Monitoring Device with 10m spiral cable
EKX-4 Ground Monitoring Device with 10m cable reel
(Both the above with the option of quick release clamp)


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