GM International

Exloc Instruments are the exclusive distributor in UK and Ireland for the GM International range of Intrinsically Safe Interfacing solutions. GM International are based in Milan and have recently celebrated are able to offer a highly competitive range of galvanic isolators, & SIL2 relays & SIL3 relays. The units have a high packing density and accept input signals from a large selection of field instruments. For application help please give Exloc a call.

History and management

Glisente Landrini is the Managing Director of G.M. International, a company founded in 1993.
Although the activity of the company dates 15 years, the core Management experience remarkably exceeds over 35 years of qualified activity in Intrinsic Safety and Industrial Electronics.

  • In 1970 Glisente Landrini founded Elcon Instruments.
  • In 1974 Glisente Landrini obtained certification from CESI (Milan) for a galvanically separated signal transmitter, therefore being the first manufacturer of such a safety technology in Italy.
  • In 1993 Glisente Landrini started his new business with G.M. International, to provide qualified intrinsically safe isolators to support Intrinsic Safety instrumentation and systems for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

gm international

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