ATEX Torches


LED Lenser


  • Wide Range of ATEX torches and portable lighting
  • Zone 0, 1 and 2 Options Available
  • 7 Year Warranty as Standard
  • Bright, Safe, Reliable and Lightweight

 KIRA Lighting


  • Range of ATEX Handlamps, Torches and Headlamps
  • Zone 0, 1 and 2 Options Available
  • Made in Germany and Stand for Quality & Reliability 

Genesis Flashlights 


  • Manufactured from the highest quality aircraft aluminium.  
  • FL Series flashlights are impact resistant, shockproof and are so durable, you can even use them underwater.  
  • Not only are these probably the most rugged industrial flashlights on the market today, they are also Intrinsically Safe.

Wolf Safety


Exloc has a wide range of Wolf Safety torches available for ATEX Zone 0, 1 and 2. 

– Wolf Micro & Mini Torches including M10, M-20, M-40, M-60, M60-MOD & M-250

– Wolf ATEX Torches including TS-26B, TR-26B, TS-24B & TR-24B

– Wolf ATEX Safety Torch with LED Including TR-30+, TS-30+, TR-35+MOD, TR-35+ & TS-35+

– Wolf Safety ATEX LED Torch including TR-40, TR-45 & TR-40MOD

– ATEX LED Headtorch – HT400

– ATEX LED Zone 0 Headtorch – HT-650, HT-650MOD

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Peli Torches 

Exloc Instruments are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of lightweight models suitable for many different I.S. applications, all of which carry a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind

Peli Torch Range available includes:

  •  2220 Versabrite LED Zone 1
  • 1965 MityLite LED Zone 0
  • 2010 SabreLite Zone 0
  • 3315 LED Zone 0
  • 3610 Little Ed LED Zone 0
  • 3660 Little Ed Zone 1
  • 3715 Zone 0 LED
  • 2745 HeadsUP Lite Zone 0
  • 2755 HeadsUp Lite Zone 0 

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