We’re pleased today to add the HMT-1Z1, the Worlds first head mounted ATEX Zone 1 tablet, to our growing product range of hazardous area mobile devices.

This device enables completely hands-free working in hazardous areas by using voice commands while walking or climbing in a range of potentially explosive environments. No only does the HMT-1Z1 allow you to continue working without the need to hold a device, it also improves your level of safety as you can remain aware of your surroundings without looking down at a screen.

This ATEX certified wearable tablet uses a purpose built voice based operating system through it’s integrated speaker. The device also has a 3.5mm audio jack which allows you to plug the device into any hearing protection you may be using. The HMT also features unrivalled noise cancellation to ensure that the voice commands are crystal-clear and reliable. As well as being technologically advanced, the HMT is also designed to be rugged and able to stand up to the wear and tear of hazardous areas. As well as being IP66 to protect against both dust and water, the device is also tested to be drop-proof at up to 2 meters.

Contact Exloc today to get pricing on the HMT-1Z1 and try the next generation of hazardous area technology today.

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