XARMOR for iPad 7/8/9

ATEX Zone 2 Certified iPad Enclosure

XARMOR for iPad 7/8/9


Much more than a simple case for a iPad to allow use in ATEX Zone 2 environments, this is an enclosure which maintains full functionailty of an Apple iOS iPad, as well as enabling wireless charging. 

The XARMOR for iPad is compaitible with Apple iPad 7/8/9 Generations and allows full use of the 10.2″ touchscreen, as well as access to both front and back camera, full audio capability and SIM Card access. In addition, both WiFi and Bluetooth are fully functioning with this enclosure.

Wireless charging is enabled on all iPads used with XARMOR which removes the need for bulky and hard to access charging ports on the enclosure.

The XARMOR is a game changer in the field of Apple iOS devices in hazardous areas.

iPad not included.

Key Features

  • Apple iOS Operating System
  • Wireless Charging Enabled
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Full Audio Capability
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled
  • Third Party Certified

Third Party Certification

Be confident that the product you buy is safe and thoroughly tested by independent experts. Third party certification ensures that all XARMOR product assessments are performed in an impartial manner for maximum safety.

Wireless Charging Enabled

Ditch the bulky access port and take advantage of the latest in wireless charging. Provided with a desktop charging stand and integrated charging receiver as standard, XARMOR for iPad brings safety and usability to the next level.

Lightweight & Compact

Using performance polymers and strengthened glass, XARMOR for iPad reduces the empty case weight to less than 1kg. Compact controls and SIM access point keeps the overall size to a minimum and remains ergonomically friendly.

Full Audio Capability

Incorporating groundbreaking advances in audio transmission, XARMOR for iPad retains full use of microphone and speaker operation without the need for additional expensive, external headsets.

Wifi & Bluetooth Compatible

XARMOR for iPads’ revolutionary use of performance polymers limit wifi and bluetooth degradation caused by traditional metal Ex case to negligible levels and complies corresponding Apple guidance.


– ARMOR Zone 2/22 case for Apple® iPad® 7/8/9 Gen

– Wireless charging receiver pack

– Desktop stand and wireless charger

– Transport pouch

– USB-C cable

– Instructions for safe use manual

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