Genesis Worklight

ATEX Certified Worklight

Genesis Worklight

The CorDEX GENESIS handportable Worklight is ATEX certified for Zone 1 IIC T4 hazardous locations and is powered by the revolutionary EXIS 740 interchangeable, hot swappable battery pack.


Key Features

  • Handportable LED Lantern
  • Lightweight and rugged, IP54
  • Five superbright LEDs
  • Powered by interchangeable EXIS™ battery
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Wide coverage; 124° horizontal x 110°vertical
  • ATEX Certified Zone 1 IIC T4
  • Up to 3 hours runtime
  • Zone 1 hazardous area hot swappable battery pack
  • On board battery charge status and health information available in the field
  • PC based bluetooth diagnostics provides detailed battery information for maximum usability
ATEX Marking
Ex II 2 G Ex ib op is IIC T4 Gb (Ta = -10°C to +40°C)
Certificate (Lamps)
ExVeritas 15 ATEX 0010 X
Certificate (Battery Pack)
ExVeritas 15 ATEX 0009 U
Up to 3 hrs on one battery
IP Rating
Box dimensions 215mm x 235mm x 300mm
Five LEDs each operating at up to 1W powered
by constant current driver
LED Lifespan
25000 hours (not replaceable)
Protection Type
Intrinsic Safety “ib”
Compliant with
EN60079-02012+A11:2013 and EN 60079-11:2012
Area Classification
Gas Zones 1 and 2
Aluminium with toughened glass lighting window
Temperature Classification
T4 (T135C)
Operating Temperature
-10°C to 40°C
1.9kg (with battery)



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