i.safe MOBILE has revealed two groundbreaking tablets designed for Zone 1/21, marking a pivotal moment in explosion-proof mobile devices. They’ve introduced the Android-based IS940.1 and the new Windows tablet, IS945.1, making a significant entry into the world of hazardous area technology.

These devices represent the forefront of 5G-enabled tablets built specifically for Zone 1/21. This is a significant advancement, especially for knowledge workers involved in predictive maintenance management within the process industry. The combination of the 5G tablet and the IS540.1 smartphone offers a significant edge, serving as a crucial addition to any mobile worker’s daily-use technology.

These tablets give users an option of operating system, providing Android and Windows interfaces, empowering users in hazardous zones and aligning smoothly with modern communication protocols within 4G/5G networks or Wi-Fi 6 setups. Powered by the powerful QCM6490 chipset from Qualcomm® Technologies, Inc., specifically designed for IIoT, and sporting an impressive 10.1-inch full HD display, these tablets offer a complete experience.

Additionally, the tablets include a 16-pin ISM interface, ensuring secure connectivity for approved accessories, bolstering their usability within specific operational contexts. These tablets are introducing the world’s first charging option for hazardous areas, opening up a wide range of potential applications. Despite their sturdy build, these devices are lightweight, easy to handle, support Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, and have customizable buttons, showcasing their flexibility. Furthermore, the tablets come with a powerful, swappable battery and two high-quality cameras, delivering an unmatched user experience. 

These pioneering tablets will be immediately available through Exloc Instruments UK once they are released in mid-2024. We will be holding stock from day one so make sure you contact us today if you want to be among the first to get your hands on the next generation of ATEX tablets!

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