The valve systems within industrial environments play a vital role in maintaining efficient operations. However, the continuous usage and exposure to various factors can lead to wear and tear, compromising their performance. To address this challenge, the innovative software-based inspection system Valve Sense emerges, leveraging the well-established method of acoustic emission. By combining cutting-edge acoustic emission sensors with advanced smartphones equipped with the Senseven software, Valve Sense revolutionises the way preventive maintenance is carried out in industrial settings.

Acoustic Emission – The Foundation of Valve Sense

At the heart of Valve Sense lies the powerful technology of acoustic emission. Acoustic emission sensors, strategically placed on valves, detect and capture the high-frequency sounds generated during their operation. By analysing these emission signals, Valve Sense can provide valuable insights into the condition of the valves and identify any potential issues such as leaks or structural deformations.

The Synergy of Acoustic Emission Sensors and Smartphones

To elevate the efficiency and usability of the inspection system, Valve Sense combines acoustic emission sensors with modern smartphones. These smartphones, both for Ex (explosion-proof) and non-Ex areas, are equipped with high-quality processors that ensure quick and accurate data handling. The intuitive Senseven software interface empowers users to seamlessly navigate through the inspection process, making the system accessible to operators of varying technical expertise.

Automatic Leak Detection and Structured Data Management

Valve Sense goes beyond mere data collection by offering innovative features for automatic leak detection. The software employs advanced algorithms to analyse the acoustic emission signals and determine whether a valve is leaking or not. This real-time information enables maintenance teams to promptly address potential issues, preventing the escalation of problems and minimising downtime. Furthermore, the system provides structured data management, organising inspection data for easy access, analysis, and generation of detailed reports.

Unique Features for Preventive Maintenance in Industrial Environments

Combining the strengths of Valve Sense and MOBILE’s explosion-proof mobile devices, the software-based inspection system offers a range of unique features specifically tailored for preventive maintenance in industrial environments. The ruggedness, portability, and technological prowess of the IS540.1 smartphone complement the accuracy and efficiency provided by Valve Sense, creating an indispensable solution for maintaining the reliability and performance of valves.

How Valve Sense Works

Valve Sense simplifies the inspection process by guiding operators through a systematic and efficient four-step procedure, ensuring instant results and generation of automated reports.

Step 1: Valve Identification

To initiate the inspection, operators can either scan a RFID tag or QR code attached to the valve or manually enter the relevant data. This step simplifies the inspection process by bringing structure and organisation to the vast array of valves present in industrial settings.

Step 2: Collecting Acoustic Emission Signals

The software intuitively guides operators through the process, providing them with visual cues on where to place the acoustic emission sensors on the valve. By following these instructions, operators can capture accurate and representative acoustic emission signals, which are crucial for the subsequent analysis.

Step 3: Instant On-Site Results

Valve Sense’s advanced algorithm automatically processes the captured acoustic emission signals and determines whether the valve is leaking or functioning properly. The system provides real-time results, displayed on the smartphone screen, enabling operators to make immediate decisions on further maintenance measures.

Step 4: Generating Automated and Customised Reports

Building upon the immediate results, Valve Sense offers the capability to instantly generate comprehensive reports based on Senseven’s analysis. These reports not only provide detailed insights into the condition of the valves but also derive specific maintenance measures and action plans. The automated report generation saves time and effort, simplifying the documentation process and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Valve Sense

Early Detection of Leaks for Proactive Maintenance

One of the primary benefits offered by Valve Sense is its ability to detect leaks at an early stage. Leaks in valves can lead to adverse consequences such as reduced performance, safety hazards, and financial losses. By swiftly identifying any leaks through the analysis of acoustic emission signals, Valve Sense enables proactive maintenance interventions, preventing the escalation of issues and ensuring the integrity of the valve system.

Improved Efficiency and Accuracy in the Inspection Process

Valve Sense significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of valve inspections compared to traditional methods. By employing the power of acoustic emission and combining it with user-friendly smartphones and intuitive software, the system simplifies the inspection workflow and minimises the risk of human error. The structured approach and real-time results facilitate the decision-making process, enabling maintenance teams to take swift action when needed.

Reduction in Downtime and Costly Repairs

The timely detection of valve issues plays a crucial role in minimising downtime and the associated costs. Valve Sense’s ability to provide instant on-site results and automated reports empowers maintenance teams to swiftly address potential problems. By proactively resolving valve issues before they escalate, unscheduled downtime and extensive repairs can be avoided, leading to significant cost savings and improved productivity.

Data-Driven Decision Making for Maintenance Measures

Valve Sense’s structured data management capabilities assist maintenance teams in making informed decisions regarding maintenance measures. The comprehensive reports generated by the software offer detailed insights into the condition, performance, and maintenance needs of valves across the industrial environment. By analysing these reports, maintenance teams can implement data-driven strategies, optimise maintenance schedules, and allocate resources effectively, prolonging the lifespan and improving the reliability of the valve system.

In the realm of industrial preventive maintenance, Valve Sense stands as a groundbreaking inspection system. Leveraging acoustic emission technology, high-quality processors in smartphones, and innovative software, Valve Sense enables the early detection of leaks, streamlined inspection processes, and data-driven decision making. With Valve Sense, companies can embark on a new era of preventive maintenance, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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