The Sensear SM1P-Ex ATEX Zone 1 headset is the leading intrinsically safe wireless headset due to its durability and usability.

Thanks to Sensears SENS technology, the SM1P-Ex enables the user to be fully aware of what is happening around them without compromising on the hearing protection offered by the headset.

With the Bluetooth technology which is embedded in the SM1P-Ex, the user is able to connect the headset to a wide range of ATEX certified devices including intrinsically safe tablets and smartphones including the list of some of the most popular units below:

iSafe IS910.1 – ATEX Zone 1 Android Tablet

iSafe IS530.1 – ATEX Zone 1 Android Smartphone

Aegex 10 – ATEX Zone 1 Windows Tablet

Getac F110-Ex – ATEX Zone 2 Windows Tablet

Find out more about the SM1P-Ex by following the link below or contacting Exloc UK today for a live demo of the SM1P-Ex and any of the devices mentioned above!

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