SureLock turns any Android tablet or smartphone into a kiosk. SureLock is an Android kiosk app that replaces the default Home Screen or Launcher and restricts user access to only one application or a few allowed applications.

Are you worried about misuse of your company-owned Android devices? It has become common to use off-the-shelf mobile devices to run business applications or self-service kiosks. However, device misuse can impact user productivity, increase device maintenance costs and cause other problems such as an increase in mobile data usage.

You can use SureLock to lockdown Android tablets and smartphones and restrict access to only selected applications and device features. Games, social media applications, system settings menus, and any other applications can be completely hidden from the user.

SureLock completely locks down all kinds of Android devices, and it does not require root access. This can be used in conjunction with any of our ATEX and Rugged mobile devices to increase device security.

Found out more about Surelock Kiosk here and contact Exloc today for further details.

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