Thermal Imaging for Hazardous Locations

FLIR Cx5: ATEX Thermal Camera

Discover the ultimate solution for safe and efficient inspections in explosive environments with the FLIR Cx5 Thermal Imaging Camera.

Teledyne FLIR Cx5 ATEX Zone 2 Camera

Introducing the FLIR Cx5

The FLIR Cx5 Thermal Imaging Camera revolutionises the way operators inspect their equipment and facilities in hazardous locations. Designed for ruggedness, reliability, and operator safety, the FLIR Cx5 redefines thermography tools. With its incredible features and certifications, this thermal camera ensures inspections can be conducted efficiently and without compromising safety.

The FLIR Cx5 is a state-of-the-art thermal camera engineered to provide safer inspections in ATEX Zone 2 / 22 hazardous locations. It offers an array of remarkable features tailored to meet the demands of industries working in explosive environments, such as chemical plants, oil and gas facilities, and pharmaceutical facilities.

In hazardous locations, ensuring the safety of operators during equipment inspections is of paramount importance. The FLIR Cx5 is designed to keep operators safe by minimising risks and complying with stringent safety regulations.

Traditionally, conducting inspections in hazardous locations required obtaining hot work permits. With the FLIR Cx5, such permits become unnecessary. This thermal camera’s capabilities allow operators to perform T-Class surveys swiftly and efficiently, saving time and administrative effort.

Compact and Convenient

Portability of the Cx5 in Hazardous Locations

The FLIR Cx5’s compact design is a game-changer. It fits comfortably in your pocket, meaning it’s always ready for action while keeping out of your way when climbing access ladders or navigating tight spaces. Its size ensures convenience without sacrificing functionality or performance.

Climbing Access Ladders Made Easier

When working in hazardous locations, climbing access ladders is a common requirement. The FLIR Cx5’s portable nature ensures it won’t hinder operators as they climb, allowing them to focus on their inspections with ease and confidence.

Enhanced Visibility

Seeing Dark and Difficult-to-Reach Areas

Dark and hard-to-reach areas pose challenges during inspections. The FLIR Cx5 thermal camera solves this problem by featuring an LED worklight that operates behind an impact-resistant lens. This combination provides operators with enhanced visibility, enabling them to detect issues that would otherwise go undetected.

Impact-Resistant Lens for Durability

In hazardous locations, durability is crucial. The FLIR Cx5 is built to withstand the demands of challenging environments. Its impact-resistant lens ensures long-lasting performance even in rugged conditions, safeguarding the camera against accidental damage.

Wireless Data Upload and Sharing

Instant Communication of Potential Issues

Communicating potential issues quickly is essential in any inspection process. The FLIR Cx5 allows operators to wirelessly upload and share data with their colleagues in real-time. This feature ensures swift communication and collaborative problem-solving, enhancing overall inspection efficiency.

Safely Storing, Transferring, and Backing Up Images

With the built-in FLIR Ignite cloud service, storing, transferring, and backing up images becomes effortless. The FLIR Cx5 allows operators to upload images directly to the secure FLIR Ignite cloud, ensuring that critical inspection data is always accessible whenever needed.

Powerful Thermography Analysis

Synchronising with FLIR Thermal Studio Software

To unlock the full potential of the FLIR Cx5, operators can synchronise the camera with FLIR Thermal Studio software. This software provides advanced thermography analysis and report generation capabilities, allowing for accurate identification and description of potential issues in inspection images.

Annotating Images and Reports for Descriptive Analysis

The ability to add annotations to images and reports significantly enhances the value of inspection data. With the FLIR Cx5, operators can precisely describe potential issues, providing insightful observations that facilitate decision-making and ensure efficient maintenance practices.

Inspecting Safely in Explosive Environments

Accurate Temperature Measurement for Nearby Targets

When operating in explosive environments, accurate temperature measurement is critical. The FLIR Cx5’s 160 × 120 (19,200 pixels) thermal camera enables operators to accurately measure temperatures of nearby targets, ensuring the detection of abnormal thermal patterns that may indicate potential hazards.

Understanding Thermal Images with FLIR MSX® Technology

To improve the interpretation of thermal images, the FLIR Cx5 incorporates FLIR MSX technology. This technology overlays visible light details onto thermal images, providing additional context and enhancing thermal image understanding. FLIR MSX technology embosses visible light details onto the full thermal image, making it easier to identify potential issues accurately.

Time-Efficient Thermal Adjustments

Simplifying Level and Span Modifications with 1-Touch

The FLIR Cx5 enhances efficiency by simplifying thermal adjustments. With the 1-Touch level/span feature, operators can modify the camera’s level and span settings with just a single touch. This time-saving innovation ensures that operators can fine-tune their thermal settings swiftly, allowing for more productive inspections.

Discover the FLIR Cx5

The FLIR Cx5 thermal camera is a groundbreaking tool designed specifically for inspections in hazardous locations. With its rugged construction, adherence to safety standards, exceptional image quality, and advanced features like wireless data transfer, FLIR Cx5 sets itself apart as a reliable and efficient thermography solution. Operators have the power to inspect and maintain their equipment with confidence, maximising plant performance while ensuring the safety of personnel and assets.

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