Teledyne Flir Cx5

ATEX Zone 2 Thermal Imaging Camera

Teledyne FLIR Cx5 ATEX Zone 2 Camera

Teledyne Flir Cx5

The Teledyne FLIR Cx5 ATEX Hazardous Location Thermal Camera is an excellent option for conducting secure inspections of electrical and mechanical equipment in hazardous locations.

Equipped with a 160 x 120px IR resolution, an MSX function, 1-touch level/span, impact-resistant lens, and built-in LED work-light, this compact camera is ideal for use in challenging environments. The camera also features integrated Wi-Fi, enabling images to be uploaded to the FLIR Ignite Cloud and synchronizing the FLIR Cx5 with FLIR’s Thermal Studio analysis and reporting functions. In addition, annotations can be added to images and reports to facilitate explanation of findings.

Overall, the FLIR Cx5 ATEX Hazardous Location Thermal Camera is a user-friendly and ergonomic thermal imager specifically designed for use in explosive environments.

Key Features

  • ATEX Zone 2 Certified
  • 160 x 120 True Thermal Imaging
  • Wirelessly Upload Data to FLIR Ignite Cloud
  • 3.5″ Touchscreen


Category Information
Color Palettes Iron, Gray, Rainbow, Arctic, Lava, Rainbow HC
Digital Camera 5 MP
FLIR Screen-EST Mode No
Focus Focus free
Gallery Thumbnails and custom folder structure
Image Frequency 8.7 Hz
Image Modes Infrared image, Visual image, MSX (Embossed visual details on thermal image), Picture-in-picture (IR area on visual image)
Minimum Focus Distance Thermal: 0.1 m (3.94 in), MSX: 0.3 m (11.8 in)
Spectral Range 8 to 14 µm
Accuracy At ambient temp. 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F) and object temp. above 0°C (32°F), 0°C to 100°C (32°F to 212°F): ±5°C (±9°F), 100°C to 400°C (212°F to 752°F): ±5%
Camera size (L x W x H) 168 mm × 112 mm × 42 mm (6.6 in × 4.4 in × 1.7 in)
Measurements correction Emissivity; matt/semi-matt/semi-gloss + custom value, Reflected apparent temperature, Atmospheric compensation
Object Temperature Range -20°C to 400°C (-4°F to 752°F)
Thermal Sensitivity <70 mK
Touchscreen Capacitive touch
Battery operating time 4 hours
Battery Type Rechargeable built-in Lithium-ion battery
Charging system USB-C (1 A)
Charging Time 2 hours
External Power Operation 5 V, USB-C
Certifications EN EIC 60079-0: 2018, IEC 60079-15: 2017, EN EIC 60079-31: 2014, IEC 60079-0: 2017, EN EIC 60079-15: 2019, IEC 60079-31: 2013
Drop test 2 m (6.6 ft)
Encapsulation Camera housing and lens: IP54 (IEC 60529)
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Tripod Mounting UNC ¼”-20 (built-in)

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