Typically, every four years, offshore operations go through a turnaround process to keep equipment and assets functioning in the most optimal way possible. Reports suggest that unplanned shutdowns cost £33 million per year on average – rising to a potential £70 million in a worst-case scenario. These costs are often unavoidable as hazardous areas pose a risk of explosion and therefore, turnarounds are crucial so as to maintain the highest level of safety on any offshore installation.

Though often shutdowns or turnarounds are necessary, if an operation could see indicators of a pending failure or end-of-life of certain assets, they could plan shutdown and turnaround activities accordingly to minimize cost and risk. Collecting data using devices such as smartphones and tablets in ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas can significantly affect how often operations are able to identify when repairs or maintenance needs to be carried out – thereby reducing the likelihood of an unplanned shutdown saving potentially millions in costs.

For any operation to be able to plan a shutdown or plan a turnaround effectively is a huge advantage which can lead to significant cost savings and big boosts to the overall output of an operation.

Some key examples of how collecting data on a mobile device can reduce the risk of shutdowns include:

  • Improving process safety management by gaining access to real-time data showing issues that might be difficult to see (temperature readings, value positions, vibrations, pressure changes)
  • Helping to organise a maintenance schedule which addresses potential issues that could go un-noticed if not checked
  • Improving specialisation with the ability to video call experts when carrying out scheduled maintenance on assets

Whether during a turnaround or while carrying out everyday operations, intrinsically safe mobile devices such as the Aegex 10 Windows tablet or the iSafe IS910.1 Android tablet, can help to visualise data while offshore thereby improving efficiency and safety of while also significantly reducing the risk of an unplanned shutdown.

To find out more about mobile devices and how they can help you to start improving your operations today, contact Exloc Instruments today to speak with our team of mobility experts.

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