Exloc are excited to be able to offer Tampnet SIM Cards with our range of 4G enabled devices. This enables users to keep a strong and reliable 4G connection while working on offshore platforms in the North Sea.

Tampnet are the largest 4G network provider in the North Sea providing coverage to many of the North Sea energy assets including Oil & Gas platforms, FPSOs and Offshore Windfarms.

Why Use a Tampnet SIM?

  • Connect your 4G enabled devices to Tampnet’s North Sea Offshore network – Smartphone, Tablet, Wearables, Head Mounted Tablet
  • Take advantage of connected worker solutions while providing your service on Offshore Assets – Inspection, Maintenance, Duty Holder
  • Maintain connectivity across several Operator Assets hassle-free
  • Remain independent of your client’s network providing peace of mind for both you and your client
  • IOT Sensors and Cameras for rig monitoring

How Does it Work?

Simply sign up to a 24 month SIM contract then receive your SIM card and device as part of a complete bundle.

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