IS-SW1.1, the world’s first ATEX/IECEx-certified smartwatch with all safety-relevant functions for zones 1/21. The smartwatch can be paired with MOBILE devices via Bluetooth and functions as a complementary hands-free wrist display.

The IS‑SW1.1 can emulate various RFID smartcards for access control systems and simultaneously monitor the user’s vital signs pulse and oxygen saturation. MOBILE’s new product development closes a crucial gap in the area of employee safety and organisation for zones 1/21 of the oil/gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


ATEX/IECEX certified smartwatch for maximum employee safety

With the IS-SW1.1 industrial smartwatch, it is now possible for the first time to use a “personal device” established in everyday life in the designated ATEX/IECEx zones 1/21 of the oil/gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The smartwatch developed by the MOBILE R&D team in Lauda-Koenigshofen/Germany displays all important messages, hazard messages and measured values directly on the user’s wrist – “hands free”.  Since the smartphone no longer has to be picked up to read short messages, this feature represents a decisive contribution to employee safety. Furthermore, in an emergency situation, it is possible to make an emergency call directly via the SOS button of the smartwatch on the wrist (connected to the emergency app of the smartphone) – the employee in distress can be located via GPS. The monitoring of the vital functions pulse and oxygen saturation additionally complement the safety concept. Coupled with a push-to-talk-enabled smartphone, users can employ the smartwatch as a remote PTT button. This means that all safety-relevant functions are available via the smartwatch on the employee’s wrist.


Convenient access control and RFID reader on the wrist

The RFID chip integrated in the smartwatch can not only read various RFID tags, but also emulate different contactless chip cards (e.g. MIFARE) – the watch can thus be used in a highly flexible manner. With the reading function, RFID tags attached to machines or sensors, for example, can be read and then the associated measured values can be shown directly on the display of the clock. Due to the possibility of RFID card emulation, the watch is excellently suited for commercially available access control, time recording and payment function systems such as those based on MIFARE.


The IS-SW1.1 will be available from the end of August 2022.

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