Putting the human first is the most important aspect of developing a mobile device that can extend the capabilities of a worker. By putting the human who is using the device first, the resistance to new technology becomes much less of a challenge and leads to wider adoption of both hardware and software.

Human-first is an approach where the user experience is tailored around what is most important to the people using the technology day-in-day-out and focuses on what is important to them. To cater to this, at Exloc we have a wide range of accessories for all of our mobile devices which make them more comfortable to use or further extends the usability of the devices. 

One example of this is the shoulder-strap and leather case for the IS930.1 ATEX Zone 1 tablet. This shoulder strap significantly reduces the strain of using a tablet to carry out important tasks, allowing the user to free both hands when needed. If the user needs to keep an eye on important information while working with both hands then the 4-point harness allows you to see the screen while carrying out work. By using accessories with these devices, you can significantly improve the user experience.

When considering a device such as the IS530.1 intrinsically safe smartphone, there are accessories that can improve the experience of users here too. The armholder for the smartphone allows the user to wear the smartphone on their arm to free-up both hands while being able to see the screen. There is also a range of options to allow the user to attach the device to their work belt for easy access to the smartphone.

Coming soon we have a trigger handle for the IS530.1 which completely revolutionises the way that users can carry out work which involves scanning 1D or 2D barcodes. This solution makes it much easier for users to quickly and comfortably scan barcodes at a distance or up to 15 meters. This is another device which puts the user first in making sure they can carry out tasks as easily as possible.

At Exloc, we have a wide range of accessories which put the human first in the solution and extend what is possible on the devices we provide. If you are looking for a solution which focuses on the user first then contact us today to see what is possible!

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