Would it be beneficial to hear short-range radio communications without crosstalk interference? With Sensear’s Short-Range technology, or SR for short, workers are capable of having headset-to-headset communication up to 150 feet from one another, while having crystal-clear communication in high-noise work environments. Furthermore, this requires no communication equipment other than the headsets themselves. So, workers can have group communication and SENS® face-to-face communication without needing two-way radio cables or pairing with smartphones.

How Does it Work?

So, how does this SR work exactly? Well, it’s simple: Short-Range accesses FM radio frequencies that are not being used, allowing workers to communicate on the same frequency without the need for a radio. Each SR channel bank allows for up to 8 groups. These groups could be site tour groups, on-the-job training groups, or workgroups. Whatever the use, SR allows for as many users as you want on a single channel bank.


Sensear’s SM1P Series offers SR in every headset, including Sensear’s SmartGroup – an industry-leading solution for companies who conduct facility, factory, and plant tours, or on-site training sessions in noisy environments. Sensear’s patented SENS® Technology enhances speech and suppresses background noise so users can communicate face-to-face safely and effectively in noisy environments. These wireless high-noise headsets with built-in Short-Range come in various wearing styles: Headband, Behind-the-Neck, and Helmet Mount.

SmartGroup is a completely customizable build-your-own solution to meet your needs: Select the number of Teacher Headsets and Student Headsets, as well as a recommended programming tablet for further customization capabilities. Get your Sensear Short-Range headsets!

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