At Exloc, we always focus on putting the customer experience first and ensuring that we can be flexible and quick to respond to the needs of our customers. We have now made an important step forward in significantly reducing any device downtime for our customers by opening a service centre at our headquarters in Oldham.

Our latest in a string of new hires is Bill Lamb who will be fulfilling the role of Service Manager where he will be responsible for the overseeing of device repair and serving.

This new addition will enable Exloc to carry out routine repairs and recalibrations on batteries and upgrades to operating systems where necessary in the UK to significantly reduce the amount of time a tablet is out of operation.

Due to the changing conditions of Brexit there has been an increase in cost of sending units to their respective European Service Centres, the addition of a UK-based service centre significantly reduces the cost of these routine repairs while enabling a much reduced turnaround time.

We’re always working to improve our customer support and we look forward to offering this service for our existing and new customers moving forward.

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