Kiber 3 ATEX 

Kiber 3 ATEX

The Kiber K3 collaboration system helps professionals in industries like Oil and Gas and petrochemical to work more effectively by bringing expertise directly to the worksite without needing to travel.  Allowing issues and incidents to be addressed immediately. Proven use cases for maintenance, inspections, site surveys, work assurance as well as troubleshooting or incident responses.

Simple to Use – Effortless operation with one button power on and off. Automatic connection to network and software. Collaboration software tools are intuitive, simple to use and have no user limitations.

Comfortable and Safe – Unparalleled comfort and safety. High-definition, distraction free viewing using both eyes simultaneously. The binocular viewer provides a single large monitor-like experience and minimized eye strain. The front unit is easily positioned under or on top of the hard hat brim.

Usable in all Environments – Integrated Peltor 3M Atex Z1 ear defenders, ensure safety in noisy or windy conditions. Our device offers optimal functionality in all lighting conditions. Additionally, users have the option to integrate rig radio for enhanced communication.

Stream from Anywhere – Navigate tight spaces effortlessly. Stream HD content, including thermal imaging from anywhere. Close-up pictures with fine detail, while the feed is seamlessly displayed on the helmet visor, providing real-time insights to both the field worker and remote expert.

High Definition Video and Picture Quality – Wide-angle camera coverage, always-in-focus imagery. 1080p video streaming, 160-degree field of view, and macro focus capabilities.

Flexible Commercial Options – Choose from our all-inclusive package, available for rental or purchase the headset and optional item separately, to meet your specific needs.


Key Features

  • Designed to optimize collaboration.
  • Zero obstruction, or resistance to normal operations
  • ATEX Zone 1 Certified
  • The largest binocular display available, 160deg FoV
  • Simple start up and fast connectivity
  • Optional detail camera with thermal imaging capabilities

Removable Binocular Visor

Designed for low eyestrain with high quality display resolution

Wide Angle Camera

Clear and steady vision of on-site environment with a 150° field of view

4GB Local Storage

Access documentation anytime in stand-alone mode



Fully Integrated Headset

Perform efficient communication in noisy environments

6-8 Hour Long Life Battery

Reduce time pressure in solving emergency situations


For close view on details and thermal imaging capacity

Category Specification
Visor type BI-OCULAR (Max Readability & Comfort)
Screen resolution Dual Display 1280 x 960 (Native)
Helmet clip Magnetic (with resting position out of the way)
Sensor 5M CMOS sensor
Angle of View (Diagonal) FoV 160°
Max Streaming Resolution (@30fps) 1920 x 1080 Pixel
Max photo Resolution 2592 x 1944 Pixel
DoF From 10cm to infinity
WiFi 802.11 2.4GHz a/b/g/n
Communication Protocols TLS/SSL, HTTPS, WSS
Bluetooth 4.1 with BLE
Encryption and Security Algorithm WEP, WPA2, WPA2 Enterprise
GPU Capabilities OpenGL ES 2.0, H.264 codec (main profile)
Internal Storage 4GB
Power consumption 3.5 W full load
Rated Ambient Temperature Range -20 °C + 40 °C
Storage Range -20 °C + 40 °C
IP Rating IP65
Dimensions (W x W x D) [mm] 155 x 360 x 280 (when stored)
Total Weight (w/o Energy Mgmt. Unit) Approx. 1000g

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