ATEX Ethernet solutions for Zone 1 hazardous areas. Products include, ATEX ethernet switches, ATEX media convertors and Zone 1 wireless access points

P-Ex opis Transceivers

P-Ex series transceivers stand out because their fiber optic connections conform to opis. The current connector types (SC, LC and ST) and an optional redundant power supply are available. By expanding the “P-Ex OTR opis 100” with an N-TRON 102MC or another 100 series device, a switch with up to eight copper ports and 6 fiber optic ports can be easily and cost-effectively connected upstream, thereby creating safe communication in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEX Ethernet switches and media converters for Zone I

The P-Ex 1002MC, P-Ex 1003GX2 and P-Ex 1005TX Ethernet switches and media converters are used as stationary devices in potentially explosive atmospheres of device Groups I and II. They are used to transfer optical or electronic data signals of a maximum bandwidth of 1 Gbit/s. The products are available in two different models: The aluminum housing for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 and the stainless steel housing for use in the mining area M2.

ATEX Zone I Wireless LAN

Compact housing maxiumum performance and flexibility as well as the opertunity to run the device in 2GHz or 5GHz band are only few features of the PRIMATION P-Ex WLAN. A wide range of configuration options allow to use the device as Access Point, Router or Bridge. Running the device in controller based mode enables the use in big or hard to reach wireless installations.

OPIS P-ExOTRopis21000 Stainless Steel ethernet extender1
OPIS Tranceivers Zone 1 Ethernet switches & Media Convertors Zone 1 Ethernet extender

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