Over the past few years, there has been a sharp rise in the use of RFID in hazardous areas with the introduction of more advanced technology such as tablets and smartphones which are ATEX certified. The ability to use RFID tags to store data and identify assets and areas has been hugely beneficial in modernising hazardous areas and helping companies interpret data collected in those environments.

One problem which has arisen for contactors whole work across multiple sites or companies who have installed various types of RFID tag is that you often need one device for each type of RFID (LF, HF or UHF) that is installed. Obviously, any extra devices or tools that an operator needs to carry must offer a significant benefit to justify the extra carry weight. To solve this problem Exloc have an RFID MultiReader.

Exloc are committed to supplying the most up-to-date technology possible and are very pleased to be able to offer an RFID scanner that reads all frequencies – HF, LF and UHF – all on one device. This unit connects via Bluetooth to any ATEX smartphone or tablet to enable the user to scan tags as they are working and have them appear on the accompanying device for input into an asset management system or for any other use.

For more information call or email us today to find out how Exloc can help advise on the ideal device and software to start or continue using RFID in hazardous areas.

IS MP.1 RFID MultiReader

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