Safe Behaviour in Hazardous Areas

Online Training Course

The course provides in-depth knowledge of hazardous areas and the risks associated with working in such areas.

Price: £165.00 (plus VAT) per person

Time to complete: 45 mins


Who is this course for?

Non-electrical professionals who will need to enter hazardous areas or carry out work in such areas.

For example, an oil platform, processing plant, refinery, distillery, tanker, silo, petrol station or a place where an explosive atmosphere may occur due to gas, liquid vapor, liquid mist or dust mixed with air.

What will you learn?

  • The risk of fire and explosion
  • Risks associated with hazardous areas where there is gas or dust in suspension
  • Sources of ignition
  • Risks and consequences
  • Preventing accidents and dangerous incidents
  • Working methods
  • Using the correct tools
  • Safety measures
  • Examples of accidents and incidents

How do I purchase this course?

To purchase this course, contact Exloc via the Web Chat, Email ( or call us on 01457 239 301

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