IECEx & ATEX Marking of Electrical Equipment

Online Training Course

This new course on Ex-equipment markings for electricians tackles familiar difficulties in familiar situations. The course ensures you remember what you learn more easily, and it feels more relevant and engaging than other digital courses.

Tailored for electricians, automators, engineers, engineering personnel, manufacturers and suppliers of Ex-equipment, this course is digital, and as you go through it you will need to answer practical exercises.

Price: £75.00 (plus VAT) per person

Time to complete: 45 mins


Who is this course for?

Do you sometimes need to work in potentially hazardous areas? Then you need the right expertise. You need to know the equipment you are using is certified for the area where it’s going to be used or installed. 

This information is given on the equipment’s marking plate, but there are frequent revisions to the standards for how the equipment needs to be marked. In this course on Ex-equipment markings for electricians you learn about the most recent standards, and much more.

What will you learn?

How to read a marking plate; electrical protection types; the certificate reference; markings following the IEC standard and the ATEX directive. You will also be given an introduction to markings on mechanical equipment, a short history of marking standards, and markings on associated equipment and associated apparatus. 

How do I purchase this course?

To purchase this course, contact Exloc via the Web Chat, Email ( or call us on 01457 239 301

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