Ex Markings for Mechanical Equipment

Online Training Course

Having completed this course, participants will have learned how mechanical equipment is Ex-marked, and what the different markings mean. Participants will learn to distinguish between the different types of markings and make good decisions when selecting equipment for use in an installation in a potentially hazardous area.

Price: £75.00 (plus VAT) per person

Time to complete: 45 mins


Who is this course for?

Personnel installing and maintaining mechanical equipment, and other personnel working in or projecting installations in hazardous areas within the EU/EEA. The course will also be useful for manufacturers and suppliers of mechanical Ex equipment within the EU/EEA.

What will you learn?

  • How to read a marking plate
  • Protection types for mechanical equipment
  • Markings that follow the ISO standard
  • Certificate number
  • A brief introduction to marking electrical equipment
  • Marking associated equipment and associated apparatus
  • Assemblies
  • Additional markings introduced by the ATEX directive
  • Requirements for certified equipment

How do I purchase this course?

To purchase this course, contact Exloc via the Web Chat, Email (Sales@Exloc.co.uk) or call us on 01457 239 301

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