Peli Torches


Exloc Instruments are working with Peli to offer our customer s a comprehensive range of ATEX  torches and ATEX head torches. These products compliment our ATEX mobile phones and ATEX digital cameras to offer a comprehensive range of portable ATEX tools. The Peli torch and Peli head torch offer high quality at competitive prices. Please click the link to our products page to select a suitable Zone 1 torch.

Peli’s range of high quality torches have become the choice of professionals.

  • Compactpeli-products
  • Robust
  • Innovative
  • Lightweight
  • Wide Choice of applications
  • Intrinsically safe models available
  • Lifetime guarantee

I.S. Torches                                                               


Peli Atex guidelines  Paper Copy available on request

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