CO.SI.ME Explosion Protection


Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres

CO.SI.ME. produces explosion-proof equipment and accessories for over 45 years for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Annex IV of Directive 94/9/EC and has a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001.
The production of CO.SI.ME. is constantly evolving to meet the new standards and new technologies of electrical equipment installed inside the explosion-proof enclosures.

CO.SI.ME., as well as explosion-proof enclosure Ex d IIB / IIC, also produces equipment for increased safety Ex e II, combined with protection devices (Ex de IIC, Ex d [ia] IIB / IIC , …) and apparatus for Zone 2 and 22 (Ex nA IIC, Ex nR II, …).


Product list


Cable glands PAP – PNA

EJB boxes – terminal

EJB control unit

Boxes and boxes GUB – S .. GUJP – Ex d IIC

Clamps – AJB control unit – GW .. – GWY – UCS

Combinations EFDC-EFD-EMH FSPC ..

EWE Luminaires

EWL Luminaires


End switches FCC

Receptacles FSQ and plugs BP

Luminaires EVF – EVFE





Luminaires EVA – EVP-LPA



Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment retrofit EVA

Lighting equipment AVF – AVE – AVL – AVLE

Lighting equipment AVN – AVNE

Lighting equipment EVO traffic lights TL

Lighting equipment retrofit AVF

RFN of lighting equipment

RFL luminaires

Light barriers E9W000276

Acoustic and optical devices ETH – LOUD

Acoustic and optical devices APD

LED tubes – LTC

Devices LED PRO Series

Equipment LED Pro Series Ex nR

LED Traffic Light WLD series – WLT

Traffic Light LED TLD series – TLT

Fluorescent lighting apparatus and LED series BTF

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