ATEX Zone 2 Certified RFID Reader

ISMP.2 RFID Reader

The IS MP.2 is an ATEX Zone 2 handheld reader for easy and efficient reading of RFID/NFC TAGs that are located closely together or positioned in areas that are difficult to access. The TAG information can be viewed directly on the OLED display, transferred via Bluetooth or read the storage via USB.

The IS MP.2 can read  HF, LF and UHF RFID tags all on a single unit without the need to swap heads or devices.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth® 4.0 LE
  • vibration feedback
  • OLED-Display
  • memory for 1000 readings
  • battery capacity for 2000 Bluetooth readings
  • real-time clock
  • apps with remote use available

Technical Data

type IS-MP.2
size 190 x 30 x 35 mm
weight: 130 g
Bluetooth® 4.0 LE
memory for 1000 readings
battery capacity for 2000 Bluetooth readings
display OLED
reading distance 1 … 3 cm
RFID/NFC tag-reader LF 125kHz,
LF 134,2 kHz
HF und NFC 13,56 MHz,
UHF 868 MHz

Allows individual typeIP64temperature range-20 °C … +60 °Capps with remote useavailablevibration feedback
real-time clock



  • IS-MP.2 Handheld Reader
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Power Adapter universal
  • Safety Instructions
  • Quick Start Manual

Additional Accessories

Made of durable leather, black. With belt loop. Suitable for the devices IS-MP.1 and IS-MP.2.
The set consists of the system adapter/fastening loop with push button connection (approx. 16 cm) as well as the tear-resistant, length-adjustable lanyard (adjustable approx. 48 to 66 cm) and the hand strap (adjustable approx. 20 to 25 cm). The hand strap and the lanyard can be easily detached from the system adapter and reattached by means of a pressure lock. The antistatic strap prevents the danger of electrostatic discharge and ignition of the explosive atmosphere. In addition, the lanyard is equipped with a safety lock at the neck, which opens as soon as it is pulled. The Lanyard/Handstrap Set is compatible with the following device series: IS120.x, IS320.1, IS330.x, IS530.x, IS725.2, IS-MP.x and IS-RSM1.1. Furthermore, the lanyard can be attached to the D-ring of the Leather Case and is therefore additionally usable for the device models IS170.2, of the IS520 series and IS655 series.

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