Eurocards – E1000


G.M. International Eurocard mounting Intrinsic Safety Galvanic Isolators. The Eurocard provides the most simple and cost effective means of implementing Intrinsic Safety into your Hazardous Area applications

High Packing Density

  • High channel density result from innovative circuit design using advanced surface mount components.
  • Ultra slim 4 channels 20 mm wide Eurocard mounting modules.
  • 5 mm per channel.
  • 80 I/O channels per 19″ Rack.
  • Single, dual or quad channel cards.

High performance

  • High Signal transfer accuracy and repeatability.
  • Advanced circuitry provides low heat dissipation, ensuring modules run cool despite their high functionality.
  • Low power consumption.
  • SMD manufacturing to maximise long, reliable life.

Wide Functionality

  • Wide Range of digital switch and analog I/O.
  • Relay contacts rated for 2 amp. to directly switch high loads.
  • Over 40 different models available up to 4 channels per cards or two inputs with 4 Trip Amplifiers
  • Three port galvanic isolation to eliminate noise, ground loop problems and to provide Intrinsic Safety without a high integrity safety earth connection.
  • Line Fault alarm detects open or short circuit of field cables

General Features

  • Single loop versions available (AI+AO) if required, to provide single loop integrity on Emergency Shut Down and Fire & Gas applications
  • Configure using DIP switch for easy field set up for AI,AO,DI,DO types.
  • Total programmability, with a Pocket Portable Configurator (mod PPC 1090) for Analog/Temperature inputs with or without Trip Amplifiers
  • LED indication for power, signal status and line fault conditions
  • Eurocard Plug-in 20 cards per 19″ Rack, 3 unit high.
  • Accept DC power supply over a wide (20-30 V) range.
  • Wide operating temperature range


  • Intrinsic Safety Certification to CENELEC according 94/9/EC (ATEX).
  • Meets European Directives for EMC. All modules carry CE mark
  • Barrier circuits have patent held or applied for.


  PDF Series Brochure

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