Realwear Navigator Z1

ATEX Zone 1 Certified Head-Mounted Tablet

Realwear Navigator Z1

Empower your frontline teams working in risky environments with advanced AI-powered, hands-free solutions. Designed specifically for Oil & Gas experts in production sites, our technology addresses operational issues, boosts safety, and can help fill the knowledge gap left by retiring professionals.

Discover the world of hands-free communication and smooth two-way data sharing, transforming how knowledge is shared among your frontline teams in hazardous ATEX Zone 1 locations. 

Unforeseen maintenance delays don’t just cause inconvenience; they can dramatically increase your downtime. With RealWear Navigator® Z1, you can effortlessly tackle unexpected obstacles.

Frontline workers can now connect with experts remotely, receiving immediate assistance to swiftly resolve issues and resume operations – all while upholding safety standards.

The Navigator Z1 is the latest offering from realwear for ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas, replacing the industry-chaging HMT1-Z1!


Key Features

  • Intuitive voice control for hands-free working
  • ATEX Zone 1 Certified
  • 20% Larger display than the Realwear HMT1-Z1
  • 48MP Camera with image stabalisation
  • Fast connectivity with Wi-Fi 6/6E and 5G Support
  • Optional Thermal Camera Module


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