ATEX Zone 1 / 21 LED Floodlight


ATEX Zone 1 / 21 LED Floodlight

Introducing the cutting-edge and highly advanced UltraXL 12-hour LED floodlight, a revolutionary successor to the widely acclaimed Ultra2 model. Addressing the intricate challenge of illuminating workspaces or confined areas within ATEX zones, particularly in expansive regions where low voltage is a prerequisite, this rechargeable lighting solution stands as an unparalleled alternative.

The UltraXL emerges as the epitome of a rechargeable work light, boasting a remarkably wide beam with an impressive luminosity of 3200 lumens. The crowning achievement lies in its extraordinary operational endurance, sustaining a whopping 12 hours at full power. This remarkable feat is made possible by the inclusion of a sizable and maintenance-free battery, an embodiment of technological innovation, with a unique power capacity of 260Wh. Notably, despite the substantial battery size, the UltraXL defies conventional expectations by weighing a mere 6 kg.


Key Features

  • ATEX Zone 1 / 21 Certified
  • 3200 Lumen
  • 12 Hour Operating Time
  • Maintenance-Free 260Wh Battery
  • 6kg Weight
  • IP65 Rated


ATEX Certification

II II 2 G Ex eb ib IIC T4 Gb

II 2 D Ex ib tb IIIC T135°C Db


Product number 6062400
Watts 23W
Source 81 LEDs, 5000°K
Lumen 3200
Operating time 12 (twelve!) h.
Chargetime up to 9 h.
Battery Lithium Polymer (LiPo) 260Wh.
Composition Throughout antistatic polypropylene, metal frame, stainless steel bolts.
Lens materials Scratch and chemical resistant hardened glass with safety and diffusor foil
Design • By design easy to handle, also with gloves on.
• By design easy stackable to save space.
Dimensions 388 x 319 x 147 mm
Weight Only 6kg
Ingress protection level IP65
Product category 2
Ex-marking gas II 2 G Ex eb ib IIC T4 Gb
Ex-marking dust II 2 D Ex ib tb IIIC T135°C Db
Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
Ambient temperature -20 ̊C to +45 ̊C
Eye safety Complies with photobiologicalsafety as
defined in the IEC 62471 standard.
Conformity 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
2014/30/EU (EMC)
Applicable standards EN 60079-0:2018
EN 60079-7:2015 + A1:2018
EN 60079-11:2023
EN 60079-31:2014
Charger Floodlight supplied with charger.
It includes a number of adaptors that
can be used in European wall sockets.
Supply voltage charger 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Charging Charging only in safe area.

Ultra Subframe

Handy to keep the lamp slightly off the ground and to aim it more precisely. The adjusting knob is designed for use with one hand only -keeping the other hand free. As a standalone item the sub frame helps to position the light towards the object: it gives the possibility to tilt the lamp up to even 270 degrees. Adjustment to the desired angle through one knob: easy operation even with gloves on.


Leather Carry Case

A must when walking and climbing on the plant. Keep your hands free with this poach. The carry case is made for ATEX zones from real leather and stainless steel fittings. Climb a ladder with your hands free, and carry the lamp in the custom made leather pouch on your shoulder. Full grain leather of 2.5 mm. including leather strap. Buckles and metal parts in stainless steel. Side pocket for charger.

Magnetic Base

Three strong magnets connected to a stainless steel frame. The magnets are covered to avoid sparking and are flexibly connected to the frame to adjust automatically to curved, bumpy or rusty surfaces.

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