Explosion Proof Lighting

EX90L Lighting

EXIN Light EX Lighting, Zone 0 Explosion Proof products carry IECEx (Australia), ATEX (Europe) and TIIS (Japan) Certificates of Conformity for your peace of mind and to satisfy workplace safety obligations. These certifications are regularly maintained and ensure that the lights are suitable for areas where flammable gases and combustible dusts are present.

The EX90L T4 IIB 720 DS is a two-sided LED light providing 720 lumens each side. Alternatively you can choose the EX90L T4 IIB 1440 SS one-sided model which doubles the illumination to 1440 lumens. Run times vary between 6 and 12 hours depending upon usage. The EX90L T4 IIC 720 SS is a single-sided LED light providing 720 lumens and a 10-12 hour run time on a single battery charge. The EX90L Light Head is designed to tilt down by up to 60°, giving you excellent illumination flexibility.

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