ATEX LED Handlamps

KE-LED-EX 4003

The explosion-proof hand lamp KE-LED-EX 4003 impresses with its compact and lightweight design. Thanks to its handy size, it is ideal for illuminating hard-to-reach and confined areas where inspection and service work is necessary. The light weight ensures that it never weighs you down, no matter how long you wear it.

KE-LED-EX 4006

Immerse yourself in the world of safety and efficiency with our explosion-proof LED hand lamp, which was specially designed for use in hazardous areas in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. This explosion-proof inspection light combines advanced technology with robust design to meet the highest safety requirements.


KE-LED-EX 5024

Discover the versatile ATEX LED hand lamp KE-LED-EX 5024 – your reliable companion for work in explosion-proof areas.

With 24 powerful POWER LED modules and an integrated diffuser film, this hand lamp produces an impressively bright and glare-free light.

KE-LED-EX 5018

The KE-LED-EX 5018 impresses with 18 power LEDs, which create glare-free lighting through a diffuser film. With its 360 degree illumination, this light offers optimal visibility in every direction to perfectly illuminate your work area.

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