ATEX Zone 1 Certified Thermal Camera

IS-TCA Thermal Imaging Camera
IS-TCA Thermal Imaging Camera


Together with the IS530.1, the IS-TC1A.1 enables thermal imaging on the go. When connected to the IS530.1, the camera can detect temperatures in hazardous areas from -40 °C to 330 °C in a matter of seconds. The thermal images and videos are processed and stored directly via the ISM interface of the IS530.1 smartphone.


  • Capture, analyze and document thermal images
  • Direct data transfer via multifunctional (ISM) interface
  • Direct interface connection with the device, no Bluetooth® necessary
  • Power supply via the connected device, therefore no battery necessary
Sensor resolution 200 (h) x 150 (v)
30000 pixel
Digital zoom via App
Sensor sentivity 65 mK (typical)
Frame rate <9 Hz bis 32 Hz
Scene dynamic range -40 °C bis 330 °C
Temperature accuracy ±7 °C and 7 % (at 5 °C to 140 °C)
±10 °C and 10 % (at 140 °C to 330 °C)
Field of view 35 ()
26 ()
Detection range up to 300 m
Recognation range up to 75 m
Identification range up to 25 m
Types of protection IP67
Usable from -10 °C to 60 °C

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