Distran Ultra Pro

ATEX Zone 2 Certified Acoustic Camera

Distran Ultra Pro

Introducing the Ultra Pro ATEX Certified Gas Detector: With unparalleled speed and accuracy, this handheld ultrasound imaging camera excels in pinpointing gas leaks from several meters away. It is specifically designed to detect leaks in high-risk areas and inaccessible locations.

Equipped with an advanced sensor technology, the Ultra Pro ATEX Certified Gas Detector identifies pressurized gas leaks by analyzing the distinct sound patterns they emit. Its integrated 124 ultrasound microphones enable precise localization of the source, ensuring reliable detection.

Experience real-time results with the Ultra Pro’s innovative overlay feature, which combines the reconstructed sound source position with a wide-angle optical image. This seamless integration provides immediate visual feedback, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in gas leak detection.

Capture compelling evidence effortlessly with just a single tap. The Ultra Pro ATEX Certified Gas Detector generates high-quality images and videos that can be conveniently incorporated into comprehensive reports.


Key Features

  • World’s first ATEX Certified ultrasound camera
  • 1.5 kg all inclusive
  • Single-handed, self contained
  • 1400 lumens, integrated LED lighting
  • Robust design
Detected gases All compressed gases incl. air and vacuum
Working distance From: 0.3 – 100 m (1 – 300 ft)
Typical: 1 – 6 m (3 – 20 ft)
Detection threshold From 0.3 L/h at 30 cm (0.01 ft3/h at 1 ft)
Quiet environment 2 L/h at 30 cm (0.1 ft3/h at 1 ft)
Industrial environment 10 L/h at 30 cm (0.4 ft3/h at 1 ft)
Detection method Acoustic imaging using 124 ultrasound sensors
Pressure difference Min. 50 mbar (0.7 psi)
Acoustic angle of view 180° (half-space)
Angular detection accuracy <1°
Weight 1.5 kg (3.3 lb)
Battery life 5 hours (2×2.5 hours – 2 batteries provided in pack)
Ex marking (for X version) Zone 2: Ex Gc IIC T4 (class 1 division 2)
Integrated LED lights 1400 lumens
Data export Audalytics or SD card

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